The world is changing . . .

In Frizand the dragons are making an appearance again, the first time in 400 years, which means Dragonriders have been born into this generation. In Arnest they have just barely pulled their once-peaceful country out of all-out civil war, having scarred the Northern Section of the Outskirts with fire and trenches. In Agramond, an Oracle has prophesized that a young Mage will come to defeat the Mistress Iris Teague, decimating the League of Assassins and taking over Marketh, thus allowing Arnest to take over their country.

War is surely brewing. Which side will you join?

OOC Stats


Kostr is a human pbp RPG set in a fictional world of the same name! We opened on July 1, 2017. For more information, please visit the Guides section under "Begin".


We are currently home to four players! We welcomed our newest player, Strells and her character Anastasiya Hart on July 7, 2017. ♥


There are currently eight active characters at Kostr. Four are male and four are female, and none identify as something else. Three are natives to Kostr; five are transplants from Revelations (Knell). X reside in Agramond; X reside in Arnest; X reside in Frizand; and X are Wild Folk.

IG Stats

SPRING (Year One; Season One)

It is currently SPRING in Kostr; the world is warming up, plants are blossoming, and the animals are waking up after a long, hard winter. Autumn will begin on DATE.


The weather is currently mild; rain is common, as are cloudy days. Temperatures are averaging about 50 F.


Right now everything is quiet, not one country has begun to move against any others. Perhaps the peace will hold?

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